You talked, and we listened.

Last Friday, I asked what kinds of articles you’d like to see here at HWF. Oddly enough, the server went down shortly after I put up the poll… Well, here’s what the readers had to say:

Well, expect these things in the future on our site!
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Jigsaw Blood

Hey people, my old account was crater200, now i created another account reserved for saw levels, so please visit this user: Jigsaw Blood everyday!

Poll and forum disabled for a while.

Go to the forums and write on how awesome HappyWheelsFever is. What? You can’t? Oh, yah. That’s right. As of 9 o’clock or so Central Time, the forums are down. Why? It’s unknown. Till how long? That’s also unknown. We’ll update it once we know. All we know is that when you go to the forums, this shows up.

The site’s back up!!

Ya hear that, you guys!? The site’s back up! So far, the latest version of Happy Wheels, version 1.46, isn’t up yet. In this version:

  • Many bugs are fixed in the games regarding levels, replays, and characters.
  • The Jet item is released, and you can see it in play here.
  • Favorites are available, allowing you to add levels to your favorites so you can come back and play it again.
  • The server is faster, meaning the game may hold more data without slowing down, and not so much Headache Puppy errors.

So when is 1.46 coming up, anyways?

-Ungrateful Jerk

First off, shut up and be grateful it’s up in the first place. Secondly, as you might remember, Jim and Jason left for Berlin earlier last month, so they will get back to their office tomorrow and apply the update as soon as they get there. You can read the full post here.

The new version of the game is up.

Any moment now…

Now, the site is finally working!

“No it’s not!”

-Impatient Person

First off, shut up! Secondly, yes it is! But instead of not loading or showing the actual page, the site shows this:

So it’s only a matter of time that we are finally released from our boredom and into the site to play… DIVINE INTERVENTION!!!! Or, what the site is about, Happy Wheels.

Progress? I think so.

As we all know, the site has been down on TotalJerkFace for 2 straight days now, for they are moving servers and updating Happy Wheels. Normally, when tried to go on a TJF page, it would show in plain text this:

“Moving servers, again. If you see this down page, your DNS server has successfully updated’s entries.
–Server Admin Guy”

Well, now it won’t show up. What shows up? Well, the site won’t load. “The connection has timed out” for Mozilla Firefox, and “Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to” for Google Chrome. Maybe the site is recovering! It’s only a matter of time before we find out!

2 days without a server; Not Adura’s fault

Well, many people blame Adura, the “Server Admin Guy”, for the site to be down for over 40 hours, but it is not his fault at all. On the Happy Wheels Facebook Page, the Happy Wheels page posted on their wall this:

So when’s the site coming back on? Whenever the hard drives are finished downloading.


Why isn’t Happy Wheels working??

When I entered the site, it says they are moving servers!! I need to play Happy Wheels!!!


Mayhem is ensuing. Why? The server’s down again. Except this time, Headache Puppy is nowhere to be seen. Recently on the site, all you can see is just:

This is good, and bad.
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Hi everyone!

My name is Gzam14, and I’m a Happy Wheels user and a Happy Wheels Wikia contributor. I’m happy to be here to help this blog, and I’m going to be here to help you. I can help you in three possible ways:

  1. Asking me what you want to know about happy wheels and relative topics, I’ll answer your questions.
  2. And I’ll consider doing or suggest to happywheelsfever any post you want to do.
  3. If any of you need level ideas for Happy Wheels, just ask me or Bobajo2 (we’re managing a group, W.I.N) by private messages in total jerk face and we’ll give you the best ideas!

Also, you can help ME checking my levels. Nope, no need to rate. I just feel good if people play them.

Good bye guys!  This was Gzam14.

Explorer Guy Glitch

I was appreciating Explorer Guy, when all of a sudden, he fell off of his platform!
See the glitch here: